Liu Yang Acted as the Chief Judge in the Final of the Woolen Knitwear Section of the 2014 “Governor Cup” Garment Design Special Contest

06 Nov 2014

The opening ceremony of the 13th China (Dalang) International Woolen Knitwear Fair was held on November 6. On the same afternoon, an assessment was done in Dongguan’s Dalang Woolen Knitwear Trade Center on the Final of the Dalang Woolen Knitwear Section of the 2014 “Governor Cup” Garment Design Special Contest, which was organized by the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province and jointly undertaken by the Guangdong Garments & Apparels Trade Association, the Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, the Guangdong Industrial Design Association and the Dongguan Association of the Wool Textile Industry. The representative entrepreneurs and designers from Guangdong's major wool textile industry clusters and the representatives of the industry association, of the Chambers of Commerce or of the Dalang Town’s garment manufacturers as well as over 50 authoritative media companies from all over China witnessed this successful event. According to chief judge Liu Yang, this design contest was innovative in terms of material and weave structure, different blended yarns were woven into fashionable textures, and the joining of the woven parts with the knitted parts of different materials followed the world’s current trends.


Liu Yang Acted as the Chief Judge in the 2nd “Yuanzhou Cup” National Casual Wear Design Contest

24 Oct 2014

On October 24, assessments were done on the Final of the 2nd “Yuanzhou Cup” National Casual Wear Design Contest and the Final of the Guangdong (Yuanzhou) Casual Wear Section of the 2014 “Governor Cup” Garment Design Special Contest as the largest garment industry events in the history of the Yuanzhou Town. The 38 categories of shortlisted players were chosen from 556 players who came from China’s 23 provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions. As the chief judge of the finals, Liu Yang said that this year’s works were bolder and more internationalized than the previous works in terms of material and color. Most concise works adopted the computer-based printing technique or the air filter cotton as a change in line with the industry development trend. The Yuanzhou Town, which is known as “China’s Famous Town of Casual Wear”, should attach importance to culture and design for the sake of sustainable development and act as both a production base and an innovative cultural base, as proposed by Liu Yang.


Liu Yang as the Chief Judge in the Preliminary Assessment of the 2nd “Yuanzhou Cup” National Casual Wear Design Contest

15 Sep 2014

The preliminary assessment of 2nd “Yuanzhou Cup” National Casual Wear Design Contest was held in Guangzhou. According to the statistics, the organizing committee of this contest received from 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China totally 556 entries. Based on the rule of “Open, Fair and Square” assessment, Mr. Liu Yang (CFDA Vice-chairman, GDDA Chairman and Winner of the China Top Fashion Design Awards) acted as the chief judge of this preliminary assessment and formed an appraisal team together with Lin Zihan (one of China’s Top Ten Fashion Designers) and Xie Qundi (one of Guangdong’s Top Ten Fashion Designers) to conduct strict and fair review on entries in terms of creativity, design concept, color, shell fabrics, garment structure & style and technological design. Through over 4 hours of great effort of this appraisal team, the outstanding works of 40 contestants from all over China became the finalist works.


Qingdao West Coast “Oriental Fashion” Summit

29 Aug 2014

Under the great support of Qingdao Municipal Government, Chinatex Elink will create an “Oriental Fashion Center” related to the garment industry on the west coast of the Qingdao City. This was why it invited famous experts and scholars at home and abroad to this Qingdao West Coast “Oriental Fashion” Summit. In order to promote the development of the textile and garment industries in Qingdao and Shandong and build a platform leading the trends of the oriental fashionable consumption culture, this summit took “What is Oriental Fashion” as its main topic. The participants of this summit included Zhang Li (CNTAC Vice-chairman), Tan An (Former CFDRC Director and ACFICTGCC Advisor), Liu Yang (CFDA Vice-chairman, One of the Top Ten Designers and Winner of the China Top Fashion Design Awards), Su Baoyan (CFDA Vice-chairman), Mao Lihui (Famous Fashion Critic in China and Visiting Professor of the Wuhan Textile University and the South Central University for Nationalities), Wen Yingyu (Director of the TrendLab Fashion Information Co., Ltd. and Professor from the Zhejiang Sci-tech University Fashion College), HONG JAE HEE (CEO of JAY&KAY Design and R&D Center) and Yao Chigeng (General Manager of the Real Estate Business Unit of the Runfeng Smart City Foundation Management Co., Ltd.).


Liu Yang on the Launching Ceremony of the 2014 “Governor Cup” Fashion Design Special Contest

26 Aug 2014

On the morning of August 26, 2014, the opening ceremony and outsourced designers press conference for the 2014 “Governor Cup” Fashion Design Special Contest was held in the Xingang 82 World Fashion Center in the Guangzhou Light Textile Trade Park. This contest was organized by GDEIC and jointly undertaken by GDGATA, GDDA and GDIDA with the assistance of the Guangzhou Light Textile Trade Park. It was reported that the number of institutional or individual applicants had exceeded 100 since this contest was open for enrollment in the Guangzhou final division in June. As the Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the “Governor Cup” Fashion Design Special Contest, Liu Yang would work out the organizational structure, standards, methods and process of evaluation for this contest and standardize organization, works collection and review procedures for this contest jointly with the members of the professional evaluation committee under the organizing committee, so as to make this contest open, fair and square.