Liu Yang Participated in Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 upon Invitation

21 Sep 2015

On September 21, Liu Yang participated in the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 upon invitation, who visited a number of show rooms in Milan, Italy, and conducted in-depth communication with Italian fashion professionals. Liu Yang said that he deeply felt Italians’ acuity for fashion and color during this trip and was much impressed by well-dressed Italian men when walking in the street.

At the invitation of the Milan Fashion Week, Designer Li Xiaoyan, winner of the 14th China Fashion Design “Top Award” and Zhao Huizhou, one of China Top Ten Designers held a fashion conference at the Fashion Week, and Mr. Liu Yang also came to the site to encourage and guide them, and gave high appraisal to Chinese designers’ fashion works. Mr. Liu Yang said fashion and cultural exchanges between China and Italy would be further strengthened, more fashion works of outstanding Chinese designers would appear on Italy’s international fashion catwalk in the future, and we should give applause to them!


Chinese Fashion Design Master Liu Yang’s Fashion Art Museum Settled in Oriental Modern Center

10 Sep 2015

On September 10, the signing ceremony between Fashion Design Master Liu Yang and Oriental Modern Center (OMC) was held in Qingdao West Coast New Area. More than 30 people attended the signing ceremony, including Li Xin, CEO of Oriental Modern Center, Sun Chengwu, director of Qingdao Economic and Information Technology Committee, Huang Yi, chief adviser of Qingdao Guzhenkou Civil-Military Integration Innovation Demonstration Area, Zhang Chongwei, secretary-general of Qingdao Fashion Designers Association and many media professionals from different sectors.

Positioned as “Asia’s first  overall experience creative fashion capital”, Oriental Modern Center, as a national large-scale creative fashion park, has attracted a number of international and domestic designer studios to settle in, and signed an agreement with more than 50 Chinese and foreign designers. Mr. Liu Yang is an internationally renowned Chinese designer, as well as one of China’s top ten fashion designers, Vice Chairman of China Fashion Designers Association and winner of the Chinese fashion industry “Oscar” Top Award. After signing with Oriental Modern Center, Mr. Liu Yang will establish “Liu Yang Fashion Art Museum” and “Liu Yang International Image Advanced Customization Institution” in the park. Liu Yang Fashion Art Museum is mainly used to display Mr. Liu Yang’s previous works, creation manuscripts and precious event data. The museum not only presents the Chinese fashion development history, but also witnesses the fashion imprints of the era. Then, Mr. Liu Yang will invite well-known foreign and domestic designers and brand owners to visit the museum and organize fashion design-related communication activities. Liu Yang International Image Advanced Customization Institution aims to create an elegant lifestyle for the Chinese men; in addition to customized service for men’s high-end image, it also provides design service in the areas of trans-boundary furniture, artistic ornaments, etc.


Liu Yang Invited to The Opening Ceremony of Tianlun 2015 Zhongyuan International Fashion Week

28 Aug 2015

On August 28, Tianlun 2015 Zhongyuan International Fashion Week had a grand celebration for its opening in the Yellow River Hotel, Henan. A great many famous people gathered in the opening ceremony on the starry site. Directed by a renowned show guide Zhang Jian, the ceremony attracted many famous designers, including Liu Yang, the Vice Chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association and one of China’s top ten famous designers; Ma Yanli, the Chairman of the Maryma Haute Couture Center; Pan Yiliang, a famous designer in Taiwan; Zeng Fengfei, one of the best man's fashion designers of China, and so on. They all came to enjoy the unprecedented and wonderful fashion ceremony, and to witness the birth of Zhongyuan International Fashion Week.

Mr. Liu Yang placed high hopes on the fashion career in his hometown Henan. He said “Henan didn’t have its own fashion week until recent years. I feel happy it has one now. Although the fashion industry in Henan started relatively late, we can seize the opportunity of One Belt And One Road (it includes two concepts of “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”) to promote the Henan clothing brand and the fashion industry to the whole country and even to the whole world.” As a famous international designer from Henan, Mr. Liu Yang put off a series of important arrangements so as to return his hometown for the opening of the Fashion Week the moment he received the invitation of the Zhongyuan International Fashion Week.


Liu Yang Invited to The Opening Ceremony of 2015 China Liuhua International Clothing Festival

23 Aug 2015

On the afternoon of August 23, the opening ceremony of the 2015 China Liuhua International Clothing Festival was hosted in Dongfang Hotel by the committee of the China Liuhua International Clothing Festival, and undertaken by the Commerce Bureau of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, and the Hongmian International Fashion City. This fashion week had the same brand effect as that of the first six China Liuhua Festivals. The fashion wind, like the Milan Fashion Show and the Seoul Fashion Show, would blow to Guangzhou. As a representative of China’s designers, Mr. Liu Yang was invited to the opening ceremony, and exchanged ideas with fashion experts and international designers from Italy and South Korea. Mr. Liu Yang highly praised the professional international communication platform provided by the China Liuhua International Clothing Festival. More and more platforms of clothing resources would promote the rise of China's potential design talents.


Liu Yang Invited to The Opening Ceremony of 2015 Guangdong Autumn Fashion Week

21 Aug 2015

Organized by Guangdong Clothing Industry Association and Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, 2015 Guangdong Autumn Fashion Week Party (in the name of China•Yuanzhou Fashion Industry City) was held in Guangzhou Textile Trade center (New Port 82 International Fashion Issuing Center) on the evening of August 21, and the party was co-supported by Jeanswest International (Hong Kong) co., LTD and Guangzhou Textile Trade center. Liu Yang, the Vice Chairman of China Fashion Designers Association, the President of Guangdong Fashion Designers Association attended the party, while other distinguished guests included Laura Egoli, Italian Consul-General to Guangzhou China, Huang Chunze, South Korean Consul-General to Guangzhou China, Stefano Secoli, Head of Istituto Carlo Secoli (Italy), Jing Qishan, the Vice President of South Korean Fashion Association, Liu Zhixiong, the Vice Director of Huizhou Commerce Bureau, Xiong Mandi and Chen Peilin, the CCP Secretary and Mayor of Yuanzhou Town, Jiang Hengjie, the counselor of China Fashion Designers Association, Liu Yueping, the Chairman of Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, Ji Wenbo, a world-renowned fashion designer, Li Kailuo, the Dean of Guangdong Economic Research Institute of Fashion Industry, Huang Hui, the Chairman of Guangdong Textile and Clothing Buyers Association, Yang Bing, the Board Chairman of Guangzhou Joint Trade Garden Investment Co., LTD, Yang Yuhuai, the Assiatant Manager (South China) of Jeanswest International (Hong Kong) Co.., LTD, Bu Xiaoqiang, the General Manager of Hongjing International Fashion City, Liao Nian, the Chairman of Sichuan Huamao Hengye Investment Group and Chen Xuejun, the CEO of China Clothing Online and hundreds of representatives of fashion designers and media editors also showed up in the event.

During the opening ceremony, a project investment cooperation agreement “China•Yuanzhou Fashion Industry City” was signed by Boluo County Government (Huizhou, Guangdong Province) and Sichuan Huamao Hengye Investment Group, which meant the upgrading of Guangdong clothing industry had entered a new phase.

As a vital part of the party, the top 15 of both 2015 Guangzhou and 2015 Humen Hot Search Lists of Women Clothing were announced, and the Vice Chairman of China Fashion Designers Association Liu Yang presented the awards. Being the biggest medium and high-end women clothing industry base, said Mr. Liu, Guangdong boasted a large number of the woman clothing brands which created a highly competitive atmosphere. Meanwhile, the women clothing industry had to, against the background of the coming of Internet epoch, try its utmost to adjust to the new era, and the “2015 China Hot Search List of Clothing Brands” activity provided a new way for the industry.