Liu Yang As The Judge of The 16th “Humen Cup” International Youth Design (Women) Competition

20 Aug 2015

On August 20, the preliminary assessment of participating works in the 16th “Humen Cup” International Youth Design (Women) Competition was held in the Guangzhou Textile Trade center (International Fashion Issuing Center). Liu Yang, the Vice Chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association and the Chairman of the Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, acted as the head judge of the preliminary assessment. Li Xiaoyan, the winner of Jinding Award, which is the highest honor of China fashion designers, and Qu Tingnan, one of China’s top ten famous designers, also acted as the judges of the preliminary assessment. They reviewed nearly 2,900 works carefully and chose 30 pieces to reach the final.

Mr. Liu Yang said in an interview that he had been the judge for the preliminary assessment of “Humen Cup” works for many years. Compared with the past, the designers this year were more mature and the participating works were better, including some works with unique characteristics. The participating works needed to highlight the designers’ keen sense of touch for fashion this year. With the theme “Creation and No Limit”, the assessment was first focused on the connection between the works and the theme, that was the creative thinking embodied in the works of the powerful and unconstrained style. Then, the application of the fashion color, pop profile and fabrics was taken into consideration. Liu Yang also thought the gradual improvement of “Humen Cup” works would encourage the participating designers and promote the level of domestic clothing design industry. He hoped the competition would be held in the future and become a more influential international women clothing design competition.


Liu Yang is Invited to Qingdao Designers’ Salon

01 Aug 2015

On August 1, a designers’salon with the theme of “Emotional Expression of Fashion Design Language” was held at “Charming” Experience Center of Oriental Modern Center, West Coast New Area, Qingdao. It invited Mr. Liu Yang, the fashion designer of China Jinding Award and the Vice Chairman of China Fashion Designers’ Association, Chen Wen, the well-known fashion designer, and Mr. Mao Lihui, the well-known fashion critic to Oriental Modern Center. At the foot of Dazhu Mountain and by Lingshan Lake, they talked with the local Qingdao designers about fashion design language in relation to the design works of Qingdao Fashion Week.

When reviewing the excellent works published by Qingdao designers, Mr. Liu Yang conducted professional comments and study about technique, color matching, pattern design and fabric selection. They conducted in-depth communication and interaction with the designers about fashion element utilization, mingling of western and eastern cultures, profile change, brand style creation, etc, raised original insight and wish about Qingdao Fashion Show to strengthen vogue trend prospection, enhance connotation of fashion culture, reduce symbolic signs, highlight fashion theme expression, etc, and expressed true understanding on how to better improve and show the local design strength. On completion of the event, many designers showed that it was a great opportunity to communicate with Chinese design masters, experts and leaders and they benefited a lot from it. They expected more opportunity to contact and study with the masters in the future.


2015 China (Guangdong) College Students’ Fashion Week Comes to An End

31 May 2015

On the evening of May 31. “Guangzhou International Light Textile Mall Cup” 2015 Guangdong College Students’ Fashion Design Contest (the final) was held successfully in the Guangzhou International Light Textile Mall. As the first of its kind and a fashion pageant targeting at college students, the 13-day 2015 China (Guangdong) College Students’ Fashion Week came to an end with ‘A Decade of Glory and Change’. The 25 masterpieces screened out in the second round of contest (“25 out of 75”) came from 25 colleges that had attended the fashion week for more than once. They knocked into the final for charging at the triumph in ‘Guangdong International Light Textile Mall Cup’ 2015 Guangdong College Students’ Fashion Design Contest.  

Sticking to the tenet of high end and professionalism, the final invites top-notched team of judges headed by Liu Yang, Vice Chairman of China Fashion Designers Association, President of Guangdong Fashion Designers Association and winner of “Top Award’ for fashion designers in China. Other members included Wu Xuewei (winner of “Top Award” for fashion designers in China), Ji Wenbo (also a ‘Top Award’ winner and Art Director of JIWENBO Fashion Agency), Li Xiaoyan (“Top Award” winner) and Professor Barbara Sordi from Accademia del Lusso. Moreover, several domestic entrepreneurs for famous garment companies, including Fang Jianhua (founder of Inman Brand), also presented the site for the show at the first rank to pick up future designing talents.

On the very evening, the Organizing Committee arranged in the final the awarding for the 10-year anniversary by conferring Shield of Gratitude to Liu Yang (President of Guangdong Fashion Designers Association) and Ji Wenbo (Art Director of JIWENBO Fashion Agency) to appreciate their outstanding contributions to the tapping and cultivation of fashion design talents. Mr. Liu Yang alleged that he had been participating in the judging round in the past ten years, which, though tiring, contented him to witness many students growing into outstanding talents in companies from this platform. Also, Liu Yang, who had been the judge for several rounds of the contest, expected that the platform would become more prominent in the next ten years.


Oriental Aesthetic Fashion Forum in 2015 launched and Liu Yang took the lead to announce “Oriental Aesthetic Fashion Statement”

24 Apr 2015

As a major event in the Fifteenth Qingdao International Fashion Week in 2015, the Oriental Aesthetic Fashion Forum was held in Qingdao West Coast New District on April 24, 2015. The fashion art representatives from China, Japan and South Korea addressed a series of speeches respectively themed at “Oriental Aesthetics and Contemporary Fashion”, “The Influence of Korean Culture on the Oriental Aesthetics”, “Japanese Aesthetics and Fashion”, as shaping a milestone for oriental fashion industry. Many fashion celebrities were invited to attend the event, including Xia Lingmin, Vice President of China Association of Textile Industry, Qian Jin, Vice Chairman of Circulation Branch of China Association of Textile Industry, Wang Zhuo, Vice President of China National Garment Association, Lang Ping, Deputy Secretary General of China Fashion Designers Association, Xia Zhilin, Chairman of Shandong Textile Industry Association, Liu Yang, Vice-Chairman of China Fashion Design Association and Top Award winner, Liu Jianguo, President of Garment Industry Association of Shandong Province, Liu Qinglin, President of Fashion Designers Association of Qingdao, Qing Jishu, Representative of Korean Cultural Industry Promotion Agency, and Professor of Hongik University, Kotaro Kawamura, Director of Special Affairs, Japanese Fashion Business Association, as well as Nouria EI Alami, Moroccan Ambassador's Wife.More than 100 entrepreneurs from business and industrial community attended the event. The Forum was themed at “Oriental Aesthetics and Contemporary Fashion”; under the current background where western aesthetics played a predominant position, and oriental aesthetics made poor influence in the world, the Forum aimed to improve the influence of Great Oriental Aesthetics on global fashion, combing with concepts from China, South Korea and Japan, gathering the most representative designers and experts from China, Japan and South Korea. They focused on the topic “profound impact of oriental aesthetics on contemporary lifestyle, discussed and exchanged views from perspectives of history, culture, heritage, and commercialization, thereby jointly promoting the concept of “Great Orient” and spreading the Oriental aesthetics throughout the world. Entrepreneurs and artists from all industries launched a very significant fashion dialogue based on “Oriental Aesthetics and Branding”. Finally, Liu Yang, the famous contemporary Chinese designer, announced “Oriental Aesthetic Fashion Statement” on behalf of the Chinese designers, thereby witnessed a revival of oriental civilization and declared the rise of the oriental aesthetics, with all the guests together!


Liu Yang attended in the Opening Ceremony of Guangdong Spring Fashion Week in 2015

24 Apr 2015

In the morning, April 24, 2015, the Fifteenth China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week, Qingdao Brand Products Display Week, Qingdao Industrial Design Week, and the First China and Foreign Sourcing Fair for SMEs in Qingdao (referred to as “three-week and one-fair”) was held grandly in International Conference and Exhibition Center in Qingdao. Liu Yang was invited to attend the Opening Ceremony as a guest, with leaders from Qingdao Municipal Government and other guests together. Xiang Yangqing, the director of Qingdao Economic and Information Technology Commission, presided over the opening ceremony, Xia Lingmin, vice president of China Association of Textile Industry, addressed an opening speech, and then Niu Junxian, standing member of CCP Qingdao Municipal Committee, executive vice mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government announced the opening of the event. Subsequently, Liu Yang and other guests visited the various exhibition halls together.