Liu Yang, a Chinese Fashion Symbol

Having a unique star quality, Liu Yang, is recognized as the most talented fashion design master.
Liu Yang, constantly giving people pleasant feelings and nice surprises, has always come up with his own unique ideas, and expressed his perception of life with the crystal clear spring of affection and heartfelt care. Liu Yang marveled China with his avant-garde works of novel ideas and infinite creativity in his debut, and now he is influencing the world with the simplicity, exquisiteness and his design innovation blending Oriental gracefulness and Western romance. Liu Yang has become a Chinese fashion symbol.
"Only when you create with your life, your works will have a soul.” Because Liu Yang adheres to this spirit of design, he has created innumerable firsts in the fashion design industry:
He was the first one to display sexy dresses boldly on the runways in China, causing sensation at home and abroad;
The first celebrity to shoot a Chinese man photo album;
The first idol designer to become famous with a star image;
The first man to organize the first ever men's fashion show, and has opened a new era of China's men's wear show;
The first fashion designer to be a screenwriter, costume designer and TV series star;
The first person to organize China's first ever large-scale professional fashion show;
The first fashion designer to go out of China and gain success in Europe. He has successfully exhibited three individual special fashion shows in the First International Garment Fair in Leipzig, Germany. He has gained admiration from the European fashion industry and the press, and won honors for his motherland, China;
The first one that has successfully held the biggest children's fashion show in China. He has put forward for the first time the forward-looking brand concept in Chinese children's clothing industry—"Kids’ Fashion".
It is because of this continuous sublimation of design innovation professionalism that the society has awarded numerous honors to Liu Yang, an outstanding talent:
 1989, first prize, second prize and two third prizes in the First China Youth Fashion Design Competition;
1991, Hong Kong International Fashion Festival Silver Award;
1992, three awards in the "Beijing International Fashion Festival";
1993, he won wide recognition for the 100 sets of avant-garde clothing designed for the closing ceremony of the East Asian Games;
1995, acclaimed as one of the five best fashion designers in China by the Japanese Newspaper "Asahi Shimbun".
1996, as a fashion designer from China, He participated in International Garment Fair Fashion Show held in Leipzig, Germany and won praises from the European fashion industry;
1997, become No. 1 in the first Chinese "Top Ten" Fashion Designers;
1997, won the title of World's Most Outstanding Youth Fashion Designer;
1998, won "Jinding Award", the highest award in the fashion design industry , ranked first in the China Fashion Designers Business, ranked first in China Fashion media and won the Best Men's Wear Design Award in the "China Fashion Awards";
Since 1999, won the title of "Guangzhou Ten Outstanding Young Persons", Best Women's Design Award in the "China International Fashion Week Brand Awards", Asahi Kasei Japan • China Fashion Designers Award ...
Liu Yang has left his hearty laughter in CCTV's show "Eastar"; as a torchbearer, he has left his firm footprints and sunny smile at the Sixteenth Asia Para Games...
It goes in a Chinese poem that "Natural beauty like a lotus growing in clear water has not affectation". Liu Yang's own unique fashion style is just like that: elegance in its tranquility, powerful potentials and passions.
European media have exclaimed, "Liu Yang is Karl Lagerfeld from China!”; "We can not ignore the competitor from the Far East!"; German Economy Minister said at Liu Yang's fashion show, "I need to re-evaluate the Chinese people!"; Famous fashion designer Li Keyu saw Liu Yang's children fashion show "Precious Kids", and praised him "All the details are impressive, no matter it is in terms of color or whole package."; Wang Qing, Chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, said with excitement when exiting Liu Yang's fashion show, "This is the best show I have seen!"; Guy Sorlut, Chairman of France Women's Clothing Association, commented on Liu Yang's fashion show, "The show is surprisingly good, very international, fashionable and marketable."......
Liu Yang cooperated with many famous domestic enterprises including "Younger" and "Septwolves", "Romon", "Yishion”, and brought each enterprise a revolutionary change. In Liu Yang's opinion, designers should not only bring enterprises huge profits, more importantly, they should help enterprises establish their essential and unique brand culture. That is the designer's most valuable professionalism.
Liu Yang, has always been in the pursuit of beauty "being perfect first then to be creative". He has the most beautiful dream, that is, to build the elegant lifestyle suitable for the Chinese people; he has happily worked, and interpreted his design creativity.
"Without tranquility and inner quietness, one is unable to be wise." That has been Liu Yang's motto over the years .Only with the purity of the heart, can one have a strong determination and faith. As a Buddhist, designer Liu Yang, sincerely tells us: conveying beauty is actually universal. I will continue to use my fashion language to convey my love for life, to interpret the ideal lifestyle.
Today’s Liu Yang enjoys the tranquil and solitary style. Whether it is clothing, film, or interior and exterior design, any scope concerning beauty, he always delights in pursuing his dreams. Liu Yang fulfills the duties and gains happiness by longing for and creating beauty in nature.
Liu Yang, a symbol of Chinese fashion!