Liu Yang is a famous the top ten Chinese fashion Designers and the“Golden Award”winner for the highest honor of China Fashion Designers, Ten Outstanding Youths of Guangzhou, The deputy director of China Democratic League and Style Council in Guangdong Province,Managing director of Sino-American fashion association, Former Vice Chairman of China Fashion Designer Association, Life Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Fashion Designer Association. director of the Arts Council of China Fashion Designers Association, Master's tutor of Guangdong university of technology, Director of China Popular Color Association, Senior Research Expert of China Popular Clothing Tendency, chairman of Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, Senior Consultant of Guangdong Clothing Industry, Master Tutor in Guangdong University of Technology, and a visiting professor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,Distinguished Professor of Istituto Carlo Secoli in Italy, member of Guangdong Fashion Industry Senior Professional Position Judge Committee, member of Guangdong Fashion Experts Committee, member of the 9th and 10th Youth League of Guangzhou City, Expert of textile & clothing expert committee of Chinese industrial & commercial federation,Director of Asia fashion federation.


2019Liu Yang was appointed as the chief judge of the Fashion Design Contest in the 14th Guangdong College Student Fashion Week on May 30.

2019Liu Yang, Wu Xiaobo, Ye Guofu, Ji Wenbo and Wang Yong jointly launched the “Rainbow Library Project” (care for children in poverty-stricken mountainous areas, and carry forward children’s dreams with knowledge) on April 23.

2018Liu Yang attended the China Fashion Conference held in Hangzhou Yishang Town, the China Top Fashion Designer Award Summit Forum and the Collaborative Designer Conference of China Top Fashion Designer Award themed by “Collision between Liangzhu Culture and Contemporary Fashion”on June 28.

2018the Istituto Carlo Secoli in Italy, which is hailed as the “cradle of elite designers” by the international fashion industry, jointly with Liu Yang, established the “Istituto Carlo Secoli-Liu Yang Fashion Culture Award”, which was the first fashion award fund named after a fashion designer from China on March 18.

2017Liu Yang was appointed as a member of the Organizing Committee of “40 Years’ History of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone - Top 40 Designers” and a judge of the fashion design industry experts on November 28.

2017Liu Yang was appointed as the chief judge of the Final of the 3rd “Yuanzhou Cup” National Casual Wear Design Contest on November 26.

2017Liu Yang was appointed as the judge of the 18th “Humen Cup” International Youth Designer (Women’s Wear) Contest on November 17.

2017Liu Yang attended the 20th Anniversary of China Fashion - China Fashion Design Exhibition of Winners of “Top Fashion Designer Award”, and attended the GROUNDSHOW Night - Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week & China Fashion Award Ceremony 2017, and Fashion Design Show of Winners of “Top Fashion Designer Award” in Previous Years on October 28. In April 2017, as a special guest, Liu Yang attended the C2 Montreal International Creative Expo.

2017Liu Yang's “Sky T” works were exhibited in Singapore as a representative of China’s “Impression of the Times - China Fashion Art Exhibition”. That was the first time for China to solemnly present the Chinese fashion culture to the world in the name of art in March.

2016Liu Yang served as the judge of the Fashion International Elite Model Contest and was awarded the Life Honorary Chairman Certificate of the Fashion International Elite Model Contest presented by the Organizing Committee in December.

2016as a mentor, Liu Yang participated in the new reality TV show of Guangdong Satellite TV titled “The World of Craftsmanship” together with the famous host Meng Guangmei and the master of fashion design Ji Wenbo, which aroused widespread attention of the society in January .

2015Liu Yang was granted the “Southern Power - 2015 Meritorious Honor Award of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Fashion Industry”On November 3.

2015Liu Yang was invited to the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on September 21.

2014Liu Yang as the Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the “Governor Cup” Fashion Design Special Contest on August 26.

2014In April,one of “the Top Ten Leading Figures in Chinese Clothing Industry”, a Fashion Award of Chinese Bugle Call of the year 2013 by FAW Mazda.

2014Liu Yang was awarded with “the Annual Fashion Designers Award” by the magazine “Phoenix Lifestyle” under Phoenix TV in January 2014.

2014Liu Yang was employed as senior consultant of and in January 2014.

2013Attended “Times Image— China Fashion Art 1993-2012” Exhibition that was jointly sponsored by China Silk Museum, Trends Media Group and China Fashion Designers Association.

2013Acted as a judge at the final of Xinshijiazu Cup • 2013 China Home Wear Design Competition.

2013Acted as chief judge at the final of “Huayin Union Cup” National School Wear Design Competition.

2013The donated works respectively named White Rhythm, The heaven and LUNA were permanently collected by China Silk Museum. 2013 In July, a visiting professor for post-graduate students majoring in clothing design at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

2013Acted as celebrity of Guangzhou New Express.

2012“2012 Anhui TV New Silk Road Asian Fashion Awards”, Liu Yang Won Asia's Most Influential Fashion Designer Award.

2012Appointed by Guangdong University of Technology as tutor for graduates majoring in costume

2012The donated work named “Black Peony” was permanently collected by China Silk Museum.

2012Liu Yang be the celebrity spokesman for the well-known international brand- Sincere-Home.

2012Liu Yang served as a jury Member for the 2012 China Guangdong Collegiate Excellent Fashion Design Competition Finals & Team Design with Specified Fabrics Competition

2012judge for the T-Force International Designer Originality Contest.

2012judge for the 20th Young Fashion Designers Contest "Hempel Award".

2011chief judge for the 7th China International Women's Clothing Designer Grand Prix COCOON Cup.

2011the first Chinese fashion designer to meet China's top leader Hu Jintao.

2011chief judge of the 16th China Fashion Design Newcomer "Beauty Cup" Award.

2010torchbearer of the Guangzhou 2010 Asia Para Games.

2010exhibited works in Hong Kong and Guangdong Fashion Lifestyle Master Exposition held at Hyatt Convention and Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India in 2010, organized by the Guangdong Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Office and Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

2010artistic advisor for the 2010 China Mobile Guangzhou Ping-pong Culture Festival.

2010donated his works "Hibiscus" to the Guangzhou Shixiang Residence in order to carry forward the heritage of the Lingnan culture.

2010Outstanding Contribution Award OF the 20th anniversary of the Clothing Industry Association of Guangdong Province.

2010senior expert consultant for the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Economic Research of Fashion Industry.

2010appointed as the evaluation expert of sports uniforms for the 26th Shenzhen World University Summer Games.

2009ranking No.1 on the chart of China's Top Ten Fashion Designers by China Textile and Apparel Magazine.

2009Asahi Kasei, Japan • China Fashion Designers Award.

2009chief judge for the final of 2009 Guangdong University Students Fashion Week Xinrui Star. 2009 senior consultant and head of the expert judges for the fashion design of 16th Asian Games, Asian Para Games, and Organizing Committee.

2009won the 2008 Most Influential Designers Award of Haeinsa BinbSquare.

2008claimed as one of the 30 Influential Persons in Hometown Luoyang during the three decades of the reform and opening up by "Henan Luoyang Evening News".

2008chairman of judge committee of the 2008 China International Fashion Week Makeup Design Competition .The jury members were from countries including France, Germany, Italy, Korea, and among them was the famous movie star and Miss Asia, Weng Hong; famous French director Mr. Yann Romain; well-known makeup artist Mr. Li Dongtian. They formed the authoritative international jury.

2008chief judge of the finals of the China 8th China Professional Model Contest.

2008went to Dubai with China Famous Fashion Designer Delegation to participate in business activities, and clothing and cultural exchanges.

2008Guangzhou City, Best Tourist Guide Clothing (Contest of Fashion Design for the Asian Games City Receptionists)

2008appointed by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Tourism to be special adviser for the

2008Senior Advisor for the visual design of the Sixteenth Asian Games' ceremonies and cultural activities.

2008invited to be honorary senior adviser of the Textile Industry Chamber of Zhongda Canton China.

2008awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Person in May 12 Earthquake Relief " by the China Fashion Designers Association.

2008chief judge for China Guangdong Students Fashion Week.

2007chief judge of the 8th CCTV Model Contest.

2007Was accredited as “New Guangzhou, Great Future——Philanthropy Star”.

2006Liu Yang was elected as vice president of China Fashion Designers Association by the Council of China Fashion Designers Association in November 2006.

2006Held the “ACE OF SPADES—YISHION.S Liu Yang Exclusive Garment Release Conference” in Beijing during the International Fashion Week and was awarded the best women’s wear designing prize of China International Fashion Week Brand Award.

2006In November, 2006, he acted as “New Guangzhou, Great Future” Image Ambassador of Guangzhou City and participated in the commonwealth advertising of “Guangzhou Daily”.

2006Was interviewed by “Lu Yu’s Engagement” of Phoenix TV.

2006Succeeded in holding “Inspiring Youth 'YISHION' 2006 FIFA World CUPTM Leisure Clothing Accreditation Motif News & 'YISHION.S' Release Conference” in Beijing CHIC International Clothing Exposition.

2005Succeeded in holding “BABY—LIU YANG•TUZAMA FALL/WINTER KIDS FASHION COLLECTION 2005” in Beijing CHIC International Clothing Exposition. It became the largest children’s clothing release conference in Chinese history, which proposed the brand-new “Children’s Fashion” concept, making a stir inside and outside the industry.

2004succeeded in holding the news conference of easy dress “Sun, life, passion” in Beijing and the way of using bold colors was highly praised by the trade and media.

2003was accredited as the first of “The Most Popular Powerful Celebrities of Guangzhou” by “Southern Metropolis Daily”.

2003became Guangdong representative figure of interplanetary fashion.

2003was ranked first in the list of Guangzhou Popular Powerful Celebrities and accredited as one of “Top Ten Popular Celebrities of the Time in Guangzhou”.

2003was awarded the title of “Luo Yang Municipal Image Ambassador” by Luo Yang Municipal Government.

2003Guangdong Fashion Designers Association was founded. Liu Yang assumed president founded in 2003.

2002succeeded in leading the performance of Guangzhou fashion delegation in Paris of France.

2001succeeded in planning the news conference of high-quality dress “Stema” in Beijing and made this brand develop rapidly.

2001.3succeeded in holding the news conference of high-quality dress “Xuanji sweet women” in Beijing and caused the sensation to show Liuyang’ strong design ability in women’s dress.

2000was taken in China Fashion Dictionary.

2000Was the 1st person in Chinese history who held high level professional wear conference.

1999immigrated to New York, USA and developed international culture, fashion, consciousness and internationalization.

1999Won the 1st prize for China police new uniform design.

1999Elected one of the 50 Influential People in Chinese Garment Industry.

1999As an outstanding fashion designer fron China,attended `99 Paris Chinese Culture Week.

1999Elected one of the Top 10 Outstanding Youth by Guangzhou Government.

1998Won Golden peak prize----the highest honor for `98 China fashion designers; The 1st position of `98 China Top 10 Fahion Designers;the 1st position of `98 China Fahion Designers Commercial Ranking and 1st position of `98 China Fahion Designers Press Media Ranking.

1998Column report from “the son of orient”, CCTV.

1998One of the first to be promoted anomaly as a senior fashion designer.

1997was selected to be “remarkable young designer of the world in 1997” by a famous magazine ELLE.

1996rushed out of Asia as the first Chinese designer and succeeded in holding press conference in Leipzig International Fashion Show in German and had a deep influence.

1996Established “Guangdong Liu Yang Art & Production Co., Ltd

1996Was screenwriter,fashion designer and main performer for the TV series the Wind is Fondling Your Cloth.

1995Elected one of the Top 5 Fahion Designers in China by the Japanese News.

1995Won the 1st position of The top 10 Fashion Designers in China.

1995Participated in Shanghai International Clothing Festival on behalf of China and made a speech with world-class masters on the same stage.

1994Held the 1st man`s wear show in China and started a new era of its type.

1993Succeeded in designing one hundred sets of fashionable clothing for the closing ceremony of East Asia Game and obtained favorable comments both at home and abroad.

1992Was taken in Chinese Great Master’s Fashion Appreciation Dictionary.

1992won three prizes for fashion design in Beijing International Fashion Festival.

1991Won silver medal at Hong Kong Int`l Fashion Festival.

1990Succeeded in holding the first personal release conference “Liu Yang's Clothing World” in Guangzhou, first exhibiting bold and sexy clothing in the clothing stage of China Mainland, which attracted domestic and foreign focus.

1988Won the 1st prize,2nd prize and 2 3rd prizes at the 1st China Youth Fashion Design Competition.

1987Awarded the prize of 52 excellent university students in both conduct and academy of Chinese art colleges and universities.

1987Graduated from Guangzhou Arts College majored in fashion design.

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